Media Coverage of Press Conference on FPPE 2014 held 26th June at the InterContinental Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya

SUNDAY NATION, July 13, 2014

Study launched on post-harvest losses


Poor packaging costs Kenya horticulture bilions

The Star, July 15, 2014

Forty-five per cent of global food goes to waste

NTV Kenya - Low level technology in food processing & packaging costing Kenya the export market

Kenya was losing out on a lot of the export market due to poor packaging and lack of value addition of the food it produces, leading to huge economic losses.

And part of the problem, the government said, was the lack of adoption of modern technologies used in food processing and packaging.

K24TV - Poor Packing Costing Kenya Billions In Global Trade

Kenya has been losing business worth billions of shillings on the international market due to poor packing and lack of value addition to its products. The Principal Secretary for Industrialization Dr. Wilson Songa is now challenging manufacturers to invest in more value addition to their products to enable the country increase its share of earnings from international trade.

Kbc Kenya - Poor food packaging costing Kenya dearly

Lack of proper food processing and packaging of Kenya's products as well as over reliance on exportation of raw products is costing the country trading opportunities. Speaking at the food processing and packaging media conference Industrialization Permanent Secretary Wilson Songa challenged stakeholders to adopt new technology so as to improve the quality of Kenya's' products. Report by Regina Manyara.